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What we Do

Faculty Mentoring
Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Mentoring strategy helps the junior faculty members to learn from senior faculty members their ideas, expertise and experience in teaching, research and other professional areas

Students Support
Students Support

Encourage the Young Minds in his / her academic and personal growth

Instilling Innovative Teaching
Instilling Innovative Teaching

CLT aims to improve the quality of education and to impart skills to students in Teaching and Learning process

Faculty Recognition / Awards
Faculty Recognition / Awards

Recognize faculty who have made significant contribution in academic as well as professional areas

Technology based assessment techniques

“Equipping teachers with technology that will au...

The days of hand written records and paper copies of classroom assessments are quickly…

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Maintaining a Positive classroom climate increases...

The learning climate should foster the collaboration and recognition of the teaching methods followed…

Essentials of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is a combined process and go...

Teaching is an art to disseminate the knowledge effectively by the use of scientific…

Critical Thinking

Ability to think rationally and solve problems

Critical Thinking is meant to be a perfect Analysis of all Human beings and…