Maintaining a Positive classroom climate increases the positive outcomes

By: R.Monisha

July’10 /2017

Creating a positive classroom climate is a vital facet of effective teaching. The learning climate should foster the collaboration and recognition of the teaching methods followed by the educator. It also helps the learners to feel and act in positive way.

The environment of any classroom perceives the insight of students and the teacher. The main key aspects of classroom climate are:

  • Physical Setting
  • Emotional Climate

The physical setting of any class room includes the desk arrangement, student’s seating plan and classroom decoration. The desks arranged in groups with students facing each other will stimulate discussion among students. The desks in single rows can help in demonstration and doing independent works. The U-shaped desk arrangements are suggested in all situations.


The student’s seating plan is very crucial aspect as because it should accommodate an inclusive environment. The things to be in mind while planning for student seating are,

  • Position the easily distracted learners; away from each other, doorways, windows
  • The students can be placed in the front desks
  • The students should be seated based on their need to have an inclusive classroom climate

The classroom must be decorated with student made works, leadership boards, birthday wishes, quotes, achievements of students. This will create warmth in classroom with the sense of comfort and safety.

Each and every student in a class must be valued, so that the student feels special and important. The following thoughts must be incorporated into learners to have a proper balance in the emotional aspects of students.

  • Psychological safety
  • Positive Self-image
  • Feeling of belonging
  • Purpose behavior
  • Sense of Personal Competence

As a teacher, we should upbeat emotions of

any student and trigger students for their


Create a safe and nurturing place for learning!!!