Induce Active Learning and a Key to success

By: V.Savitha

March ’15 /2017

Student Engagement Techniques is a comprehensive resource that offers college lecturers a dynamic model for engaging students and provides various strategies and techniques that help them in wide variety of disciplines. The level of student engagement can vary from student to student, and course to course and it is difficult to manage how a class is engaged as a whole. Hence towards the motivation, a Teaching Workshop on “Engagement Techniques” has been conducted for faculty members of all the discipline.

Various Student Engagement strategies for Engineering students includes

  • Blended Learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Project Based Learning(PBL)

Student engagement is about opportunity and hence the students getting choice in their learning can be promoted as

  • Activities and Assignments
  • Grouping of Students
  • Instructional Materials and Resources
  • Structure and Pacing of the Lesson

Hence to improve the student Engagement the following ways can be implemented

  • Use the 10:2 method.
  • Incorporate movement into your lessons
  • Pick up the pace.
  • Provide frequent and effective feedback
  • Allow students 5-7 seconds of ‘think time’ when asking a question
  • At the end of a lesson have students use the 3-2-1 method of summarizing
  • Periodically pause mid-sentence