Teaching and Learning is a combined process and go together


July’13 /2017


Teaching is an art to disseminate the knowledge effectively by the use of scientific approach. Learning involves continuous process of improvement in the methods of acquisition and transmission of knowledge. Teaching-learning process involves the application of life skills to strengthen the teacher-taught relationship. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to understand the essential elements in teaching-learning process. This program is planned to address the need of faculty who act as torch bearers to students. The program also focuses on the vital issues in Outcome based Education, Critical Thinking and Innovative practices in order to bring about effective changes in teaching learning methodology.

Key Objectives

  1. To strengthen the horizon of teaching learning process by mutual transformation of thoughts, ideas and experiences.
  2. To update teachers about the advancements in teaching-learning process including latest approaches, tools and techniques.
  3. To impart the necessary teaching skills (including teaching through case methods) to improve effectiveness in classroom delivery.
  4. To motivate the teachers to innovate in teaching learning process with new tools and techniques in order to meet out the challenges ahead in education system.

The Program is an interactive one and half hour session during which you learn about practical strategies informed by literature on teaching and learning. These fast-paced sessions include opportunities to interact and share ideas with colleagues, practice using teaching strategies, reflect on and plan your pedagogical approach, and take away resources for further exploration.