By: V.Narasimharaj
Jan’30 /2019

The days of hand written records and paper copies of classroom assessments are quickly fading into the 20th century. With the increased curriculum content to cover, teachers do not have the time to utilize paper methods for formative assessment when there are a wide variety of technology tools available. Handheld devices for reading assessment, electronic response systems, and software are all technology-based formative assessment tools that have the power to help each teacher effectively individualize instruction for all students.

Technology based assessment techniques used in the classroom environment help teachers gain an understanding of what students know or don’t know. Many teachers are utilizing technology-based programs and systems that provide teachers with formal and informal assessments to track student progress frequently. These types of formative assessments help keep students on-track with achievement, while also providing opportunities for students to participate in engaging activities based upon abilities and needs.

Kahoot and Plickers are some of the free student response tools that any teacher can use it very easily to assess the understanding level of Students. They can create their own quiz along with answer choices and project the same onto the classroom screen while the students submit their answers using internet connected devices and paper clickers. Questions can contain images and videos to help all the learners refer and answer the questions.


  • Kahoot is a free game based learning tool that makes learning FUN.
  • It is an extremely useful educational technology tool that requires minimum technical expertise for creating quiz, surveys and discussions.
  • It is a synchronous type of interaction where the questions are displayed on teacher’s screen and students have to reply using their devices.


  •  Plickers helps us to have Instant Feedback and Tailored Instruction.
  • The technology supports critical thinking and allows students the opportunity to participate and engage in this kind of learning without feeling self-conscious.
  • They are powerfully simpletool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.


  • Improve student achievement
  • Remediates before it’s too late
  • Track individual student growth and progress; and
  • Achieve school improvement goals

As a teacher, We must keep ourselves updated with technology based assessment techniques.

“Our children have digital limbs. We cannot amputate them at the front door.”