Train the trainer concept: promotes new and innovative teaching techniques.

By: M.Sathish Kumar

July’06 /2017

Education is an engine for the growth and progress of any society in India. It is not only imparts knowledge, skills and inculcates values, but is also responsible for building human capital which breeds, drives and sets technological innovation and economic growth. In today’s era, information and knowledge stand out as very important and critical input for growth and survival which is decided by teaching fraternity.

The outcome based education has evolved in to roots of institutions looking for rewarding careers in Engineering Education. This series of workshops are planned and organized to fulfill the needs of the student community.


I hear and I forget. I see and I believe. I do and I understand. – Confucius according to this statement this workshop is planned to deliver a few innovative teaching techniques that include the scope for activity based learning. The main motto of this workshop is to make them understand new Teaching strategies using popular techniques.

Target audience:

 Teaching faculty of SNSCT – 28 faculty members from various engineering branches.

Session details:

Use of mnemonics

Every student believes in memory system to understand context of engineering subjects. Mnemonics is the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory.

Every participant is active towards learning mnemonics. The nine major types were introduced namely Music, Name, Expression, Model, Ode, Note organization, Image, Spelling and connection mnemonics.

Practice session  

Hands on training is given to the participant for better understanding of all the types , simple examples were given to create new types of mnemonics.




  • Stimulates the remembering capacity of students.
  • Makes the understanding of context in a simple way.
  • Enhances the teaching perception.
  • Reduces the time for content delivery
  • Increases the curiosity level and interest towards learning.