Day 1 Session was handled by Dr.P.Prakasam; CLT Director has started the session by introducing the CLT and Overview of Innovative teaching learning process by relating with gurukulam environment. In continuation with the session Mr.B.Jagadeesh , CLT Member have gave an idea about teaching learning process with outcome based education and made a faculty members to know about the teaching aids used for making an  innovative learning process.

Day 2 Session was handled by Ms.V.Savitha , CLT Member has started the session how to use blooms taxonomy verbs  in question paper setting followed by OBE concept . In continuation with the session Dr.P.Geethamani , CLT member have gave an idea about assessing of the students knowledge in a class by using 53 ways of assessment techniques. Afternoon Session was handled by Mr.S.Hemnath , CLT member have started the session how to prepare course file , usage of SNS courseware and AAA record,  has demonstrated clearly to the faculty members by explaining each and every terms used in the AAA record .

Day 3 – Mock Presentation for all 17 Faculty members and feedback were given to faculty members at the time of presentation improve themselves for future work.